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B. E. T. A. is re-approved by S.E.M.T.A.



SEMTA staff visited BETA in September this year to carry out their reappoval process. This involved SEMTA examining the various aspects of how BETA delivers and manages their Modern Apprenticeship programme. The focus is on the apprentice's experience and the learning opportunities offered to the apprentice during their time when they are going through the variious stages of the M.A.; Foundation stage, Post founation stage and the educational component including any additionality that they may have been exposed too such as short courses covering health and safety, 17th Edition, IOSH level 2, Abrasive wheels, etc.


BETA works closely with SEMTA, colleges and its member companies to ensure that the Modern apprenticeship experience is an excellent one and that every possible learning opportunity during their apprenticeship is taken advantage off. This ensures our managed apprentices get the best possible experience in an engineering environment and become what their employer wants, a reliable, confident, highly educated engineer, in their job.