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BETA used for CPD case study by Skills Development Scotland

BETA was appraoched by Skills Development Scotland (SDS) in June 2020 by our Skills Investment Advisor (SIA) Jennifer Russell. She said that SDS had been looking at putting a showcase together that we can share with other Training Providers, and thatt your induction process is robust and is something we could show case with others.

Purpose of case study: From the review of BETA's Quality Assurance report, the NTP Programme enhancement team could see that BETA was highlighted as having strengths and effective practice in our induction. The enhancement team would like to build on the detail included in BETA's Quality report and produce a larger case study. This is to showcase the strong approach BETA has in order to support the continuous improvement of other providers. It was agreed between BETA and SDS NTP enhance ment team that we would take part.

Case study content: The case study would include information on our start of year induction and our induction at year 2. This would involve detailing the information on our approach, but will also focus on the reasons why this approach was adopted and the benefits of it. It would be great to be able to feature quotes from both the group training manger, as well as any willing apprentices with BETA, on how helpful the induction process has been. The case study would be text based but if the group training manager or any apprentices are willing, could include relevant photos or a short video of you discussing the practice.

Over the next six months a web page was put to-gether with a video this vcan be seen below;