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B.E.T.A's Virtual Learning Environment

BETA decided started its own Virtual Learning Envoironment (VLE)over a year ago using moodle to enhance and help its mamanged apprentices in achieiving their appreniticeship goals. Over this period apprentices have been visiting BETA's VLE and feed back to-date has been extremely positive.

The VLE allows the apprenitces access to extra learning m.aterials in the various engineering areas that they may being working in. It also allows the apprenitces to post up their thought and questions in the various chat rooms to allow discusson of any problem they may have with the particulatr subject area where other apprentices may have has a similar experience and found how to over come it. This peer help BETA feel is an excellent way of letting the apprentices grow in problem solving and see what it is like to both ask questions and also able to answer question hopefully raising confidence in thier skills and knowledge in engineering. Of course apprenitces can still ask their mentors or contact BETA direct for help should they feel the need.


BETA will be adding more learning objects up onto its VLE based around the feedback and requests from their managed apprentices. It is hope to have a new learing object on Business Improvement Technques up and runnig by next june along with anohert on Basic engineering maintenance. BETa front page environment at the moment look like this

BETA's Moodle home page