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2016 Scottish First Year Engineering Craft Competition

Yann Leray-Nicol

BETA will be attending "The 2016 Scottish First Year Engineering Craft Competition"; this year entering two first year apprentices; Yann Leray-Nicol employed at Mainetti (UK) Ltd and Arix Ross employed at Morrison & Murray (Engineering ) Ltd. These two apprentices are completing their foundation stage of training at Edinburgh College this year.

The Scottish Engineering Craft Competition is an annual event that allows engineering trainees from various training organisations throughout the country to compete for the prestigious title of being the best in their discipline. THe Scottish government realises that engineering apprenticeships are vital to the continued growth of Scottish industry and the Scottish Engineering Craft Competition celebrates the abilities of apprentices currently under-going training at the many engineering training centres throughout the country.

BETA has attended these competitions since 2007 and came first in 2008 with our first year apprentice Edward Beck from DMI Engineering. On that occasion the apprentice was entered onto the mechanical side of the competition consisting of Turning and Fitting along with theory questions covering core subjects and selected specialist subjects.



Arix Ross

This year BETA is putting its managed apprentices forward to compete once again in the mechanical side of the competition. This will involve the apprentices answering theory questions and carrying out practical activities in a set time frame base around the Scottish Vocational Qualification Performing Engineering Operations at Level 2 (SCQF level 5) which is a nationally recognised competance based qualification consisting of 8 units.

The competition is organised by the Score Group and is hosted by ETEC, North Highlands college this year. BETA would like to take this opportunity to wish good luck to all apprentices taking part in the competition and we hope they all have a great day and do well.


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