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Engineering Modern Apprenticeship Pathfinder Report

Produce by Education Scotland

What is pathfinder - The Engineering pathfinder project is a project which involves two key players; Skills Development Scotland and Education Scotland.  They had been tasked by the Scottish Executive to establish if “off the job” training on the Modern Apprenticeship National Training Programme was giving value for money and meeting the needs of the stakeholders and players. This involved establishing if the learning, teaching and delivery of the 1st year off the job MA programme was producing a worthwhile result, such that all companies and their first year apprentices were getting what they wanted from it.

To do this effectively Skills Development Scotland and Education Scotland Seconded personnel from Colleges and the private training sector who worked with engineering apprentices both “on the job” and “off the job”. Their knowledge and understanding of the Engineering MA training programme would give that extra insight into what stakeholder(s) and player(s) should be looking for. Below is the final report


To down load Pathfinder Report click here