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Training for Trainers


Learn how to prepare for, design and deliver effective training programmes

It is people who make the real difference between success and failure in any organisation. Developing people to have and use the right skills and competencies is a key operational objective and therefore excellence in training is key to the development of a business. Training needs to be relevant, engaging, dynamic and contemporary for it to be effective. A trainer must have the skills to design and deliver effective training and also have the ability to inspire and motivate their delegates. The aim of this intensive “Train the Trainer Course” is to give you these skills.

Who Will Benefit?

The two day course will provide a new trainer with the necessary insight, knowledge and skills required to deal with most training situations. The training will also benefit those trainers who have some experience, but who would like the opportunity to develop their skills to offer more effective learning.

Learning Aim

To produce a learning episode which will engage trainees in wanting to learn successfully? Course content Course Preperation Factors affecting presentation Learning styles Lesson planning Delivery technique/methods Visual aids Questioning techniques Assessment mehods


This course is designed to run over two days. It is recommended that there is a 7 day gap between the first day of the course and the second day.

Day one

The first day introduces the attendee to instructional techniques as outlined in the above course content. The last hour of the first day is spent thinking about what they are going to present on the second day at the course. This will involve the attendee preparing a lesson plan which will be used in part two of the course. The lesson plan will consider the following; Required resources, audience, location, best delivery method for their learning episode, appropriate assessment method.

Day two

Finalise instructional episode. Present learning episode, receive feedback on episode. Take part in learning episodes and give constructive feedback to other on the course.

Designed for:

Anyone involved in training or mentoring.


To produce a learning episode which will engage trainees in wanting to learn successfully?

Course Content:

  • Course preperation
  • Factor affecting presentations
  • Learning styles
  • Lesson Planning and shemes of work
  • Delivery Techniques
  • Proper use of visual aids
  • Questioning techniques
  • Assessment methods
  • Q+A session
  • Practical Exercise