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Problem Solving / Critical Thinking


Successfull organisations realise that problem solving and critical thinking in developing creative solutions to problems faced by their business significantly enhances their potential in this very competitive world market.


To-days decision makers and problem solvers use a variety of thinking styles, methodologies and creative processess. In this short course you develop your skills as a critiacal thinker / probelm solver. You will learn how to expand your personal thinking power, using recognised tools and techniques based on current methodologies.


Who Should attend

Individuals at any level of an organisation who are requred to apply creative and critical thinking skills to their decison making process.


Course content

  • Basic guidlines to problem solving and decision making
    • Define the problem
    • Examine potential causes
    • Identify alternatives
    • Select best approach
    • Plan the implementation
    • Monitor the implementation
    • Verify problem is solved
  • Tools to help with problem solving and critical thinking
    • Cause and effect diagrams
    • Flow diagrams
    • Risk Analysis
    • SWOT analysis
    • Thought showers
    • Mindmaps
  • Practical exercises