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Assessor Training


Becoming an accredited assessor

The assessor training programme is designed for participants who assess or intend to assess candidates against lead body standards in the workplace. Participants will be given skills to design, develop assessment instruments, guides and plans based on given source documents, including VQ standards.

At the end of this course the candidate will be required to registers for the assessor qualification units. to achieve these units the participant will be observed in carrying out a minimum of three assessments and then creating a portfolio of evidence of these assessments which proves competence in the areas he or she is carrying out the assessments. The trainee will also have to answer a series of knowledge questions set by the lead body and have a professional discussion which is minuted and added to their folio. All of the above will be audited prior to final submission to the lead body prior to final approval by them and issuing of certificate.


Who Will Benefit?

The two day course will provide a new assessor with the necessary insight, knowledge and skills required to assess candidates using different sources of evidence and assessment techniques. This training will also benefit those exisitng assessors who have some experience, but who would like the opportunity to develop their skills further and to keep up with current assessment processes.

Learning Aim

To be able to have the knowledge and skills to annswers set questions and generate a satisfactory portfolio of evidence which meets lead body standards in assessing candidates e.g to achieve the Assessor units formerly "D" Units.


This course is designed to run over two days

Designed for:

Anyone involved in training , mentoring and assessing.

Course objectives:

To Clarify understanding of -

  • The structure of the SVQ
  • The role of the Assessor
  • The assessment process
  • Assessment requirments
  • Assessment materials and tools
  • Quality assurance in the assessment process


Course Content:

  • Assessment centre structure
  • Features of the VQ
  • Structure of the VQ
  • Understanding what is competence
  • Deciding on competence
  • Assessment methods
  • Assessment preperation
  • The assessment process
  • Assessment tools
  • Assessment materials
  • Practical Exercises
  • Why do we assess
  • Fairness in assessing
  • Assessment repeatabilty
  • Developing assessment plans
  • The nature of evidence
  • Evidence requirements
  • Examples of performance evidence
  • Examples of knowledge evidence
  • Collecting and collating evidence
  • Judging quality of evidence
  • Feedback and review
  • Contributing to the internal quality assurance process
  • Producing assessment records
  • Standardisation arrangements