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All candidates have the right to appeal against an assessment decision, if they feel that the assessor’s decision is incorrect.

There are three stages involved in the appeals process.


Stage 1

If a candidate is unhappy with an assessment decision, the candidate should discuss the issues with the assessor within 7 days of the original decision.  If the issues can be resolved between the candidate and the assessor no further action is required.

Stage 2

If after discussion between the candidate and the assessor, the candidate feels that the matter has not been resolved to his/her satisfaction then he/she may appeal may be referred to the internal verifier within 14 days.  The internal verifier will discuss the appeal with the candidate and the assessor and review any relevant assessment material.

The internal verifier will give the candidate their decision in writing within 14 working days.

Stage 3

If the candidate is still not satisfied with the outcome of the appeal, then the candidate may appeal to a third independent party in this case EAL the awarding body.  The third independent party should have a broad expertise in the qualification area and have a knowledge of the assessment process.

The decision of the independent third party will be given to all parties involved in the appeal process within 14 days of the appeal meeting.

A candidates will have the right to have a colleague present at any stage of the appeal process.

The centre will keep a record of each stage of the appeal (i.e. the nature of the appeal, persons involved, dates, discussions of meeting, and any decision reached). 


SQA accredited qualifications. If the Candidate is not satisfied with the outcome of the appeal from EAL, a final appeal may be made to SQA Accreditation within14 days of EAL’s judgement being communicated to the candidate. SQA will be responsible for the timeframe and the conduct of this final appeal including the communication of the outcome to all parties.