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Candidates have the right to challenge the assessment decision made by the assessor on a unit of competence. The following steps are to be followed if a candidate wishes to exercise this right.


  1. The candidate should first discuss his/her opinions with the assessor. If still not satisfied with the decision, the candidate may appeal to a higher authority. He/she must notify the assessor of the intention to appeal. An appeal must be made in writing to the internal verifier within five days of this notification using the Form IVF1F.

  3. The internal verifier must notify the centre co-ordinator that an appeal has been lodged.

  5. The internal verifier will collect information from the candidate and assessor within 15 days of the original appeal and give a decision.

  7. If the candidate is still not satisfied with the outcome, then the appeal may be referred to the Awarding Body.

  9. The centre co-ordinator must notify the EMTA external verifier that an appeal had been lodged and provide a written account of the appeal and subsequent actions.

  11. The external verifier will then examine all the evidence and make a decision. The decision will be notified to the centre co-ordinator in writing.

  13. The external verifier may require the candidate to be re-assessed.

  15. Comprehensive records will be made of any appeal and subsequent actions and findings in line with NCVQ requirements (NCVQ Criteria and Guidance).