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(Incorporating amendments to 04 November 2009)



The name of the Group Training Scheme shall be:

"Border Engineering Training Association"



2.1 To organise and co-ordinate training in engineering and other fields for whatever categories of employee the member companies shall require.

2.2 To employ a full-time Group Training Manager and any other necessary supporting staff who shall be responsible to the Management Committee for organising and co-ordinating such training,

2.3 To co-operate with appropriate Education Departments and Further Education Centres for the provision of educational facilities.

2.4 To assist member companies in every possible way in achieving and maintaining a good standard of training.



3.1 Founder members of the Scheme shall be as follows:

  • Aimers, McLean & Company Limited
  • BEPI (Electronics) Limited
  • BEPI (Precision Tools) Limited
  • Exacta Circuits Limited
  • Morrison & Murray Limited
  • The Robertson Bakery Engineering Company Limited
  • The L S Starrett Company Limited
  • Turnbull & Scott (Engineers) Limited
  • D M Wallace & Sons Limited
  • Geo Woodcock & Sons Limited

3.2 Additional members may be admitted to membership by application to the group training manager, who will inform this to the Management Committee.

3.3 All firms in membership shall agree to continue in membership for a minimum period of three years. After completing two years' membership any member may withdraw by giving 12 months' notice to the Secretary in time for consideration at the Annual General Meeting.

3.4 Companies from other Training Groups may be admitted to Full or Associate Membership at the discretion of the Management Committee.



4.1 The scheme shall be controlled by a Management Committee composed of a senior executive of each member firm.

4.2 A Chairperson and Vice Chairperson shall be chosen annually from the member firms who attend the annual general meeting (Clause amended 04 November 2009).

4.3 The Management Committee shall have the powers to co-opt such members as they may consider necessary, for example, a suitably qualified person as Honorary Treasurer. Such members would have no vote.

4.4 Each member firm shall have the power to replace its representative on the Management Committee. They shall also nominate a representative to deputise for its regular representative.

4.5 Responsibility for the day to day running of the scheme will be carried out by BETA's Group Training Manager reporting directly to the chairman and managment committee. (Clause amended 04 November 2009).

4.6 Members of the Management Committee shall be called at least twice a year by the Secretary on the instruction of the Chairman or at the joint request of any three members. (Clause amended 04 November 2009)

4.7 At all meetings of the Management Committee a quorum shall be three members. (Clause amended 04 November 2009)

4.8 At all meetings each representative member shall have one vote, excepting the Chairman who shall have, in addition, a casting vote.

4.9 The Management Committee shall deal with all questions on membership and the appointment and conditions of service of the Group Training Manager and other staff.



5.1 The Group Training Scheme is a non profit making Association and the expenses of running the Scheme shall be met by means of a levy imposed on members, the amount of the levy and the manner of its collection to be determined by resolution of the Management Committee (Clause amended 23 January 1969)

5.2 In the determination of all questions under this section, only representatives of member firms shall be entitled to vote.

5.3 The Scheme shall maintain a bank account, which will have internet banking facilities and cheques being signed by the group training manager. Two other members of the management Committee will also be recognised signatories for the account should anything occur to the group training manager. (Clause amended 04 November 2009)

5.4 The Executive Committee shall prepare an annual statement of income and expenditure at the end of each financial year, which shall terminate on 31 August. After audit the statement shall be submitted to the Management Committee at its annual meeting, to be held not later than 31 November. (Clause amended 04 November 2009)

5.5 The Management Committee shall elect auditors.

5.6 Any assets of the Association at the time of dissolution shall be equally divided amongst the firms which are full members of the Association at the time of dissolution (Clause inserted 17 April 1969).



The Constitution may be altered or amended at a meeting of the Management Committee called for the purpose, of which seven days' notice has been given, provided that such alteration or amendment is approved by a majority of those present.



The Scheme may be dissolved at a special meeting of the Management Committee called for the purpose, of which twenty one days' notice has been given, provided that at least one third of the full member companies have requested such a meeting in writing. Such dissolution must be passed by at least two thirds (or the nearest whole number below this) of those present.