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Welcome to Border Engineering Training Association

How much does your apprentice cost/save you over a four year apprenticeship.

Click HERE to down load the excel spreadsheet that will help you calculate the financial cost or saving an apprentice can bring to your organisation. Of course this does not take into consideration the amount of knowledge that can be saved in your organisation or the loyalty that training your own apprentices can potentially bring to your organisation

Apprenticeships are a key focus for employers who look to retain their competitive edge and drive future growth.  Research by the National Apprenticeship Service (NAS) has found that over 80% of companies who employ apprentices believe they make their workplace more productive, and a further 88% of employers believe that apprenticeships lead to a more motivated and satisfied workforce.

BETA is committed to working with employers to take on apprentices and offer unrivalled industry knowledge and support. As an approved training provider by ENGINUITY (Formerly SEMTA) and Excellence, Achievement & Learning Limited (EAL), the nationally recognised Engineering Vocational Qualification awarding body, B.E.T.A. focuses on providing company centered approved support, assessment and verification for Modern Apprenticeships in Engineering, providing them with the skills and knowledge they need to build a successful career in industry.

Training Services

B.E.T.A offers a training service which provides a selection of short courses ensuring your staff development aims are keeping pace with technology and best practice. Short courses enable your organisation to maintain a world class standard ensuring staff are on message with current thinking and technology. Enrolling staff on short courses not only boosts moral and confidence but in turn improves perfomance and loyalty with an organisation.

B.E.T.A is able to deliver short courses either on site or at our offices at Newtown St Boswells. To see our course calendar visit our short course page and using our booking form emailing us your requirements


Vocational Qualifications

B.E.T.A not only offers Modern apprenticeship qualifications to nationally recognised standards but can also provide approved vocational training which, also meets national standards and are task specific to suit organisational requirements. This form of qualification will allow your organisation to offer your staff to become qualified in the actual job they do.

Assessment and training is carried out on the job, where the candidate taking on this qualification builds his or her own portfolio of evidence of their work. This evidence along with work place observations is assessed to national standards as laiddown by the lead bodies.

By grouping to-gether certain units, a group award can be gained such as "Performing Manufacturing Operations", "Performinig Industrail Operations" all at SVQ level 2 (SCQF level 5) giving operators or semi skilled personell in your workplace a nationally recognised qualification. For more information please contact BETA.

What costs are involved in a Modern Apprenticeship?

A Modern Apprentice is just like any other employee. So, there's no difference between an MA and the normal costs you'd have for other employees.

But remember, you'll have the added bonus of a contribution towards their training! and, because they're learning on the job, you can see the benefits of that training right away.

What salary should I offer?

You're responsible for paying the MA's wages. When setting a salary:


Travel and equipment

An MA would pay their own way to and from work, as you'd expect from any employee. But they may have to travel to college or the training provider's premises for training. It's common practice for the employer to pay those travel costs. 

As a business, you would normally provide the apprentice with PPE, tools and equipment they need to carry out the job at safely.



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